The Pipeline


by Dege Legg

The madman of the Cajun fiddle and his band Beausoleil return for another triumphant, yet suitably chilled, yet substantially massive, yet extremely tasteful and inventive freeze-dried set of tunes at the Blue Moon on June 4. Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet pretty much invented the archetype for the modern, touring Cajun band. Everything else has followed to one degree or another. Take amazing players, write some classic tunes, put a few spins on it, play a zillion shows, and then do it again for a few decades.

In their bio, Tornado Rider describe themselves as a "bird band of swirling goat god victory that lurks in the spooky forest regions and yells out over the mountains, glicking the gunt of Nairobi into the fortress of Norwegian butt-death." Very nice! Well played. What do they need me for if they're going to come up with killer descriptions like that for their band? My work is done. Utilizing cello, bass, and drums, Tornado Rider hammers, blends and purees through tunes that reside somewhere between Tuvan throat singing, Voivod and The Ramones, mushing it all up into a kosher stew of meaty by-products. Do it. Be there. And ride the wind, my sons. Tornado Rider plays Blue Moon on June 3.

Question: What's the next best thing to the real thing? Answer: regular dudes who aren't the real dudes, playing the real dudes' thing. Acadiana Center for the Arts presents Music of Legends: an Evening with Johnny, Merle, and friends. That would be Cash, Haggard, and some more dudes. It's a tribute to country music icons on June 5 at 7 p.m. at Acadiana Center for the Arts.
This week's installment of In Your Own Backyard by The Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism is hosted by KATC meteorologist Rob Perillo. Hear him dish on "Wind, Water and Survival: Hurricane Stories" at the Vermilionville at 6:30 p.m. on June 8...The Melvins play at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge on June 8...Tipitina's Co-op is hosting "From LA to L.A." workshop with Renee Bennett at 5:30 p.m. on June 2. Renee Bennett is a writer, organizer, and co-foundeder of the Children's Museum of Acadiana...The Hulinator! TK Hulin plays the Atchafalaya Club on on June 6 with guests Percy Sledge and Wayne Toups.