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Party Girl 06.02.10

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Written by Party Girl

The always super fabulous Annette Angelle recently celebrated her 60th birthday with a surprise party put on by her family and friends. It was held at the newly renovated and gorgeous Lagniappe Antiques Etc.,

which is the former Domingue Motor Showroom in historic downtown Breaux Bridge. About 120 guests attended to toast Annette and her amazing 60 years of vivacious living. The food was incredible and scrumptious, catered by Lionel Robin of Robin's Restaurant. Everyone wined and dined late into the night, not wanting to go home as old friends enjoyed each others' company and wished Annette many more wonderful years to come.

Party On!

Fred and Debbie Mills

Justin and Natalie Angelle, and Mark and Beth Harris

Cindy Angelle and Debbie Mills

Dustin Angelle and Alicia Angelle

Dr. Conway and Melanie Yarbrough, Morgan Angelle,
Nick Girouard, Leigh Angelle Girouard and Alicia Angelle

Jan Webre and Jill Zimmerman

Maurita Menard and Renella Landry

Gena and Vince Purpera

Gary Angelle and Ronnie Gibbens

Robert McFaul, Dustin Angelle and Angela McFaul

Annette Angelle