Spill poster contest under way

by Walter Pierce

Interested in making a contribution to the iconography of catastrophe? Here's your chance.

Submissions are being accepted for the The Great Oil Leak 2010 Poster Contest. Artists, designers and malcontents are being asked to submit entries to the contest. There is not entry fee, and the guidelines, according to the organizers, are simple: "A screed written on a panel of a cereal box? Perfect. Have 50 full color self-published offset lithographs? Love to take them. Letterpress, silk screen? Excellent. Point being, we want meaningful and lucid work. This is a selected showing. ... There are no restrictions on size, color or formatting. Any work will be considered. Our goal is simple. Speak up. All posters must be made for the Great Oil Leak of 2010."

The contest is being curated by John Gibby and Jeff Lush. Entries must be in either pdf or jpeg form and be under 1.5 megabytes. Posters can be uploaded at the contest's Web site, The deadline to submit an entry in June 19. For further information, send an inquiry to [email protected] Proceeds from the contest benefit Gulf Aid Acadiana.