Letters to the Editor


I have read recent negative comments concerning Gov. Kathleen Blanco's decision not to reappoint Ronnie Anderson and Stewart Slack to the LSU Board of Supervisors, with the implication that this was done to undermine LSU and further the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. First, let me say that Anderson and Slack were outstanding members of the board, and they were extremely effective chairmen. No one loves LSU more than they do. I am truly sorry they were not reappointed.

However, in looking at the governor's new appointments to the LSU Board, it should be noted that all of them, with one exception, are LSU graduates. None of her appointments, I believe, would do anything that would harm LSU. All these LSU alumni "bleed purple and gold" and are committed to helping the LSU System.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the governor and her chief of staff. Our conversation was on the lines of "tell me about LSU, the LSU Health Sciences Center, and the Charity Hospital System and what is best for them." Gov. Blanco pointed out that to improve Louisiana's economy, the state needs a very strong flagship university. Toward that end, she provided an additional $3.2 million in funding to assist LSU in meeting the goals of its flagship agenda. I challenge anyone to find one single instance in which she has not acted in the best interest of LSU. I thank Gov. Blanco for her support of the LSU System and for all of higher education.