Party Girl

Party Girl 06.09.10

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Written by Party Girl

A red-carpet entrance at the Grand 16 led into A Night of Glamour for the advanced screening of Sex and the City 2, sponsored by Moss Mercedez-Benz. Champagne flowed as glitzy guests nibbled on yummy finger sandwiches (loved the cucumber!), roasted veggies and sweet treats by a la carte. Keeping with the Moroccan theme, petite and precious Janie Domengeaux Bayard stole the show with a beaded red headdress. Trend-setter Julie Calzone, decked out with jewelry from Kiki, sported an eye-catching ring blazoning the apropro "Unhitched." A decked-out Jean Coluzzi wowed the crowd in a Middle Eastern-inspired magenta frock threaded with gold accents. Also at the glamorous premier were host Sharon Moss, son Cory and daughter-in-law Sarah, tennis pro Chanda Rubin and sis Lashon, a sharp-dressed Chip Jackson and Dr. Jennifer Hightower Jackson, Janie Campbell in a stunning black halter dress, and the always-fashionable artist Hope Hebert. As for the movie, it's an Abu Dhabi-do!  
Party On!

Mary Anne Diehl and Laura Williams

Nicole Hamilton and Angie Hargett

Emily Foreman Babineaux
and Kristin Fontenot

Karen Malespin and Joan Legendre

Cheryl Evans, Carolyn French
and Jan Risher

Kathy Randol, Brandy Randol
and Erin Nutter

Larayne Guidroz, Mary Kelly
and Sharon Moss

Keisha Billeaud and Jeanne Langlinais

Scott Meyers, Chanda Rubin
and Pam Leblanc

Barbara McCarty and Dr. Curtis Roy

Dr. Lee Leonard, Vicki Moody and
Dr. Matt and Lana Holden

Coury and Sarah Moss

Sharon Moss and Amanda Bedgood

Adrienne Genovese, Jessica Norris,
Lauren Edmond and Shane Daly

Dr. Jennifer Hightower Jackson
and Chip Jackson