Flamenco comes to Artmosphere

by Dege Legg

Flamenco guitarist Nathan Rice plays Artmosphere tonight.

Musician, skater, metalhead, offshore worker. What else can you use to describe Nathan Rice? How about "flamenco guitarist?" Yeah! Dude fooled around and fell in love with the whole flamenco style around 2005. Since then, he's been messing around, mixing up the rumba with the rasgueado, and the fast strumming and BOOMout comes a new monster with Nathan's name on it. It's like magic. "I have yet to find anyone else besides myself playing this style in Lafayette and hopefully I can inspire other guitar players out there to learn the flamenco," says Rice. "I have big plans with this music." He just recently started playing out, so go catch Nathan Rice with Rex Moroux at Artmosphere tonight, June 14.