Party Girl

Party Girl 06.16.10

Even torrential rains couldn't keep the burger lovers away from Justice Grillin', the legal community's hamburger cook-off benefitting multiple sclerosis. Between downpours, the tenacious teams grilled up tasty samplings of the all-American favorite in River Ranch's Town Square. Creative concoctions included a red hot-sauced burger from the Gachassin firm's tiki hut, a bacon cheeseburger from Tony Morrow's tent and the People's Choice - a spicy, mouthwatering delight from Liskow & Lewis. Braving the weather were Julie Savoy in a festive grass skirt and lei, Vanessa Anseman sporting a bright yellow boa and the Liskow gang decked out in Saints attire. Who Dat?

Leonard Louviere's Myrtle Place backyard was the place to be for Memorial Day, locale of the "3rd Annual Ice Cream, Jambalaya, and Jello Shot Extravaganza," hosted by Lenny, Jeff Favors and Patrick Gaubert. Lenny's Dad, Eddy, stirred up a massive pot of his famous jambalaya, served with delicious sides of black-eyed peas smothered with bacon and creamy cole slaw. After Zydeco/Cajun band Donnie and the Pooldoos got the crowd hopping on the outdoor dance floor, guests cooled off with 700(!) assorted jello shots prepared by Zea's staff and homemade ice cream served with luscious adult toppings including Grand Marnier fudge sauce (my favorite!) and Godiva chocolate liqueur. Co-host Jeff Favors, donning a sequined Uncle Sam top hat, spread the Memorial Day message: thanks to our troops for giving us the priceless gift of freedom.
Party On!



Joey Dupuis, Monroe Stephenson and Barbara Olinde

Wendy Phillips, Vanessa Anseman,
        Penny Malbrew and Debbie Hash



People's Choice Winners Liskow & Lewis

Ann Marie and Tommy Hightower



Mary K Clack and Leonard Louviere

Lisa Knight and Brad Gaubert



Mike Dupre and Jenny Ledet

Mark Rodriguez



Donnie and the Pooldoos

Charlene Dennis, Tommy Faul, Rhonda Hernandez,    Lisa Knight and Brad Gaubert



Amanda Newberry and Barbara Olinde

Mary K Clack, Leonard Louviere, Mabel Louviere, Eddy Louviere, Troy Louviere and Robbie Louviere