Southern rock comes to Lafayette

by Dege Legg

Oklahoma rockers come to Lafayette.

If the Paul "The Voice" Rodgers from Bad Company were still alive, he'd dig Taddy Porter. Actually, Paul Rodgers ain't dead, so scratch that. He'd still dig it, though. Oklahoma band Taddy Porter play southern fried, 70s influenced rock and roll. The jeans are faded, the hair is long, the love beads are strong, and so is daddy's whiskey. So drink it up and soak it. If skinny-jean rock strikes you as a little too whiney and you long for the days when Golden Gods roamed the earth, riding by limousine and Lear Jet to sing songs about Vikings through Marshall stacks, then you will dig the Taddy Porter. Hell, they're even from a town named Stillwater, OK. What else do you want? Taddy Porter play Artmosphere on June 18.