The Pipeline

The Pipeline 06.23.10

by Dege Legg

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Written by Dege Legg

After years of independent music growing increasingly genteel, mannered, and estranged from its punk rock roots - having more in common with car commercials and Gordon Lightfoot than seminal underground bands that paved the DIY highway - it's a good sign that the flame of indignation still burns on in the millennial generation of bands like Wildfires. Wildfires are back with a new split EP (with Mississippi's crustoleum heads Moose) and preparing to go on a nine-day southern tour of MS, TN, AK, and TX, coming back around to play a show on June 25 at Sadie's with This Horrible Machine and the Obelisk - who, from what I hear lately, traffic in certified metal badassery. Facts: Wildfires rock. And they don't like breakdowns. I asked Max: dude, why no breakdowns? "Like anything else that has been watered down over time, breakdowns have gone from being a moderately used song to a metal staple consisting usually of all the instruments locking up in a sort of staccato unison," says Max. "We've never been very into the idea of doing what every other band is doing." Go see them June 25.


Mamou Playboy's guitarist Sam Broussard is a badass of the highest order and he's got a gang of cool guitar tricks up his sleeve. Broussard plays an exclusive solo set at Barnes & Noble's Beat the Heat summer series on June 25 with country singer James Dupre opening the show. Bust it.

The Acadian Orchid Society hosts an orchid show & sale on June 26 and 27 at the Ira Nelson Horticulture Center in Lafayette. Right off Cajundome Blvd. There'll be judging, exhibits on Friday and more displays on Saturday with additional plant life for sale. Orchid Society members will be on hand to answer questions and offer cultural information. The show runs roughly 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day. Admission is free.

Don't forget about Vagabond Swing! They've been making the rounds, doing their thing gypsy jazz, ragtime folk & roll thing. Pulverizing the innards of the universal time machine and honking it backing to life with Lazarus-like magical lunazy of the highest order. Hell yes. Vagabond Swing brings the tarantella overdrive jam to the Blue Moon on June 26 with Happen-ins.

He's the Digital Don Juan. He's the Casio Casanova. And his name is Kid Midi. His binary boogie rock comes to Artmosphere on June 26 with El Domania on the bill. If you didn't already know, Kid Midi music busts kaleidoscope runs into the digital playground of the MIND, exploring neon romance, grey light / black heat adventure, and cardiopulmonary aerobicize. Do now.


Kevin Sekhani is back in town and teaming up with litarary songster Rex Moroux for a double bill that brings roots, rock, and power pop to the Blue Moon on June 23…The Forum for Equality presents a one night exhibition, on June 25 (8-11:30 p.m.) at the Alamo on Simcoe of works from local artists who support LGBT equality. Food and wine will be served. Plus live music…On June 27, Marty Christian, The Acadias, and Sean Bruce play Artmosphere…On June 24, Lafayette Catholic Service Centers' throws their St. Joseph Diner Grand Opening at 2 p.m. with an invocation by Bishop Michael Jarrell, followed by a keynote speech by Sheriff Mike Neustrom… On June 23, Myka Relocate, The Mid Summer Classic, and Twin Killers play Sadie's…and on the following night Blast Rag, Dude Nukem, and Chattie Cathies play Sadie's on June 24… Lost Bayou Ramblers rock The Shed BBQ on June 26.