Party Girl

Party Girl 06.23.10

The Krewe of Xanadu wrapped up its 20th anniversary "Tickled Pink" Mardi Gras season with a Spring Pink Fling, a couples social at the Petroleum Club. The social committee, headed by co-chairs Sue Brooks and Lisa Ferguson, hosted the event, decorating the room with Xanadu's signature pink color with X centerpieces on each table. Members enjoyed food (the spread included a "grits bar" with choices of toppings like crawfish étouffée or grillades) and cocktails while listening to the Nouveau String Band and watching a video of 2010's 20th anniversary ball. A couple of months later, the krewe kicked off its 21st season with a new member orientation dinner, also at the Petroleum Club, welcoming 25 new members for the 2011 Mardi Gras season. Debbie Mills, membership chair, and her committee provided a fun-filled evening with a delicious dinner and cocktails. New members viewed past scrapbooks of various krewe photos and Grecian gowns worn by members at the annual balls, and received new member booklets to guide them through their first Xanadu year. The new members received pink boas and "Xanadu" rhinestone pins as gifts.

Party On!



Jacqui Vincent, Richard Vincent, Kim Benoit and
Phyllis Boudreaux

Judy Carbo and June Pellerin



Joan Moody and Cathy Guidry

George DeGravelle, Debbie DeGravelle
and Chuck Boudreaux



Carrie and Scott Leonard

Sue and Dennis Brooks, and Leon and Lisa Ferguson



Michelle Blanchet and Jennifer Sibille

Debbie DeGravelle, Jennifer Goodman and Linda Alesi



Jennifer Hebert, Cathy Guidry and Darsey Babin

Pam Mouton, Stefani Celio and Rickie Maloney



Sherrie LaFleur, Michele Landry and Emily Trahan

(seated) Tiffany Dartez, Edna Quirk, Amanda Touchett, Farrah Vice and Tressa Trahan; (standing) Mary Ann Nix, Stefani Celio, Jessica Eckert, Nancy Cochrane, Ashley Hebert and Lindsey Rigaud


(seated) Robyn Blackwell, Jennifer Hebert, Barbara Richard and Katie McCown; (standing) Emily Trahan, Darsy Babin, Jennifer Goodman, April Manuel and Jill Zimmerman. Not pictured: Cydney Begnaud, Jennifer Dartez, Meagan Hayes, Mary Landry and Amy Mitchell