Up from the underground

by Dege Legg

Underground heavy rock and roll hits downtown Lafayette tonight.
After years of independent music growing increasingly genteel, mannered, and estranged its punk rock roots – having more in common with car commercials and Gordon Lightfoot than seminal underground bands – it's a good sign that the flame of indignation still burns on in the millennial generation of bands like Wildfires, This Horrible Machine, and The Obelisk. Wildfires are back with a new split EP (with Mississippi's crustoleum heads Moose) and preparing to go on a nine-day southern tour of MS, TN, AK, and TX, coming back around to play a show on June 25 with at Sadie's with This Horrible Machine and The Obelisk. Facts: Wildfires rock. And they don't like breakdowns. I asked Max: dude, why no breakdowns? "Like anything else that has been watered down over time, breakdowns have gone from being a moderately used song to a metal staple consisting usually of all the instruments locking up in a sort of staccato unison," says Max. "We've never been very into the idea of doing what every other band is doing." Go see them at Sadie's tonight, June 25.

(Moose from Mississippi)