Letters to the Editor


"Girard Park's Example" by Cindi Baxter (">IndBox," May 23) mentions Girard Park as a good example of greenspace. She also makes mention of Dr. Authement's powers.

I wonder how many Lafayette residents are aware of Dr. Authement's two attempts to acquire the entire Girard Park land as future space for UL buildings. He made overtures to both Mayor Kenny Bowen's and Mayor Dud Lastrapes' administrations. Thank you mayors for letting us, the public, continue to use Girard Park for our kids and grandkids to play in. Imagine Lafayette without Girard Park's nearly 30 green acres.

The only thing of beauty that Girard Park has that the 100-acre UL Horse Farm doesn't have is a duck pond. It is a shame the residents of Lafayette are currently forbidden by Dr. Authement to view the beauty of this 100 acres. Then we could judge for ourselves what we are losing if this state-owned land is sold for profit to private developers. Dr. Authement, you value the wrong green ' the man-made green.

Definite kudos to The Independent on "Greenspace and Greenbacks" ("Commentary," May 16). Keep up the great work.