CFA launches philanthropy database for Acadiana

by Walter Pierce

Community Foundation of Acadiana hopes the new website will make philanthropy easier and more efficient. Community Foundation of Acadiana has announced a new online nonprofit database now available to the public and its current donors. The comprehensive and searchable database has launched with 73 in-depth profiles of South Louisiana's nonprofits. Donors can make contributions direct to the nonprofit of their choice on DONORSense.

CFA is one of 10 community foundations in the U.S. to provide this new database in their regions with the goal to make charitable contributions more effective. CFA's overall goal with DONORSense is to affirm its mission to increase charitable giving by increasing knowledge on needs in Acadiana and connecting donors to those needs.

"The goal of DONORSense is to make philanthropy accessible to everyone in Acadiana," explains Raymond Hebert, executive director of CFA, "It will also increase knowledge about effective nonprofits so that donors can invest in high performing organizations. Our efforts are always donor-focused."

Donors can search and sort objective data provided by the nonprofits including churches and schools. Although CFA endorses charitable giving and philanthropy, the organizations included in DONORSense are neither endorsed nor recommended by CFA.

Organizations interested in creating a profile should contact Erin Kelley, director of philanthropy, at [email protected] or 769-4842.