Letters to the Editor


I would like to respond to the "The Newman Trowbridge Files" (July 11), written by Nathan Stubbs and Mary Tutwiler. Perhaps Newman Trowbridge has stayed too far away from the litigations; it is absurd that he attempt to deflect the seriousness of the charges made by whining that I am mad at him. Moreover, the royalty monies they have paid can hardly be considered "a lot of money." In 2003, Tortuga paid a royalty of $324.50 on 370.06 barrels of oil; in 2004 there was a payment of $726.86 on 367.72 barrels of oil; there was no royalty payment in 2005; in 2006 on 338.96 barrels of production they paid $949.31; and thus far, nothing in 2007. Those monies have been used to help defray my very substantial legal and expert costs. Would that I were able to do as he does and stay away from it, but my responsibilities and my objectives have always been clear ' to see that they clean up their messes, toxic and otherwise, and to see that this property remains whole and in the Blanchard family, as it has been since the early 20th century.