Letters to the Editor


We have a 26-year-old daughter who has Usher syndrome ("The Sound of Hope," Jan. 31). I have asked her time and time again to get the implant, and she says she would rather live in the deaf world. I was hurt and still am that our daughter has Usher syndrome. I still blame myself, even after all these years. We do have a deaf uncle four generations back. I still say: Why me?

She has two boys who can hear and see great. Her peripheral vision is slowly going. She has an appointment to go see a retina doctor. I feel helpless, because she wants to go to work and get off disability. She did graduate the only deaf person at our alma mater. There is nothing wrong with having a deaf person. I have learned to live with it. She has, so why can't I? We learned about her disease when we lived in Mississippi.

I try to do all I can for her until she loses her eyesight. I will be here for her forever. Good luck to you all.