Media blackout in the Gulf, pt. 2

by Dege Legg

The First Amendment takes a hit from National Incident Commander Thad Allen, BP, and the Obama administration.

Between rumors of a possible mass evacuation of the Gulf states in the event of a hurricane, talk of a spewing volcano of abiotic oil, speculation about weather modification and technologies like HAARP, and other strangeness, there's a lot of weird stuff going round. In addition, BP and the Obama Administration can't seem to make up their minds as to whether workers can or cannot speak to the media in regards to the work they are doing. It's obvious in many cases that local police and sheriffs' departments and even high dollar security squads like Wackenhut Corp.are working closely with BP to ensure that "the pesky media" don't interfere with clean up workers along the beach. Well, now it's official: no media allowed. National Incident Commander Thad Allen has banned all media print, television, radio and Internet bloggers access to boom operation sites and cleanup sites, effectively making it a felony to take pictures or videos of booms, clean-up workers, oil soaked birds, dead dolphins, dead marine life, burned and dead endangered sea turtles.