Party Girl

Party Girl 07.07.10

Jefferson Street Pub was the scene for the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association's boisterous summer gathering of attorneys, law clerks, judges and friends. Budding barristers bellied up to the "seasoned" pros, who shared war stories about battling it out in the real world. This impressive new crop of lawyers possesses two of Party Girl's favorite attributes - cuteness and smartness (intelligence is tres sexy!) While the pub's multiple screens broadcast the NBA final game, guests noshed on spicy jambalaya washed down with adult beverages. Groom-to-be Jacob Hargett won one of the coveted door prizes - a gift certificate donated by Party Central (a great start to his new married life). Among the legal-eagles were Barbara Olinde, Kyle Bacon, Matt Fontenot, Cynthia Simon, Frank Slavich, Cynthia Simon, Jeremy Morrow and "Big Bar" Prez Chuck Ziegler.

It was an extra special wine dinner at Charley G's when Executive Chef Holly Goetting presented a decadently-decorated Chocolate Banana Smores dessert to her dad, Joel, to celebrate his birthday. While Holly's mom, Denise, beamed on, the oenophiles in the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to her proud papa. Guests enjoyed a superb meal of coconut scallop "Mojito" ceviche, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and Louisiana caviar, truffled chicken liver pate with rye croutons, picked vegetables and duck cracklins and wood grilled venison tenderloin topped with cranberry reduction and served with sweet potato puree. Enjoying the festive fare were adorable couple Mike and Jean Coluzzi; George Graham and his gorgeous wife, Roxy; precious Prissy Wilson and her husband, David; and Party Girl's favorite doc, Kirtland Swan, with wife Marlene.

Mike and Jean Coluzzi

Dr. Kirtland and Marlene Swan

George and Roxy Graham, and Prissy Wilson

Holly Goetting, Joel and Denise Goetting

Tiger Breaux, waiter extraordinaire

Barbara Olinde, Matt Fontenot, Melissa Bonin
and Kyle Bacon

Cynthia Simon, Frank Slavich, Maggie Simar,
Jeremy Morrow and Adam Abdalla

Jacob Hargett, Philip Boudreaux Jr.
and Jeremy Morrow

Doug Truxillo, Melissa Bonin
and Stewart Breaux

Flo and Chuck Ziegler

Jessie and Arthé Lambert

Larry Curtis, Buzz Durio and Will Schieffler