Letters to the Editor


We believe our country is faced with an enemy within our borders every bit as strong as the enemies Americans battle on foreign shores every day. On the one hand, there is a hodgepodge of vituperative anti-American groups who see the world through a bitter prism of defeat and destruction, always ready to denigrate and denounce the greatness of our country. These groups often find support among left-leaning politicians, within our educational institutions, and coverage from the mainstream media. They portray themselves as the voice of the majority, when, in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Free from the sway of politicians and political parties, Eagles UP! gives voice to all those patriots who choose to stand together against the downfall of the United States of America. Just as eagles soar on the updrafts of hope and righteousness, legions of soldiers, military and civilian, both past and present, are gathering to join forces to combat the tyranny that threatens the very fabric of our society. We pledge to stand up, support and defend the principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution; to support our warriors in harm's way around the world, and their families with fervor worthy of their sacrificial service for our freedom; and to honor and protect the memorials to our fallen and missing, and support their loved ones.

We inform and provide knowledge to our members and patriot partners, of the various individuals, organizations or nations that form the anti-American coalitions that represent a threat to the safety and security of our troops and our Constitution. These threats can range from the misguided rants of Hollywood elitists to the anarchists' organization Code Pink, from the malcontents of Iraqi Veterans Against the War to the Communist movement of International ANSWER. Actions can range from the major counter-protests we have helped to organize and participated in to personal initiatives such as two or three Eagles waving American flags and pro-troop banners promoting support for our troops and love for our country.

In an effort to bring strength of unity to the pro-American activist movement, Eagles UP! recently initiated the online calendar "Patriot Event Network" to effectively serve other patriot activist organizations that are dedicated to promote and to support our troops, to secure America's borders, to uphold English as the official language of our nation, to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and to confront Radical Islam wherever it attempts to threaten our peace and safety.

While Eagles UP! was originally organized by military veterans, our membership and our leadership team include civilian patriots from all walks of life. We encourage and welcome all American patriots, first responders, Gold, Silver and Blue Star families to become eagles. Visit our Web site at www.eaglesup.us.