Top 5 with Toby Dore

by Dege Legg

Tuesday's Top 5 with Toby Dore of Bodacious Brothers Productions

Toby Dore is the man behind Bodacious Brothers Productions and the recent upsurge in live music at Grant Street Dancehall. Since taking over Grant Street's booking last month, he's been filling the club with great live bands on almost every weekend. The Rebirth Brass Band show this weekend was a packed. What else does he have in store? We sat down with Dore to get wish list for bands he'd like to book before the close of 2010.

Top 5 Bands I would like to see at Grant Street before the end of 2010

1. Sonny Landreth

2. Red Beans and Rice Revue

3. Good Enough for Good Times

4. Members of Morphine

5. Gravity A