Vast majority of oil gone?

by Dege Legg

Is the oil really gone or is this another well-orchestrated PR campaign?

Is the oil really gone or is this another well-orchestrated PR campaign meant to passify the public, redirect their attention elsewhere, and add much needed damage control to both BP and the Obama administration's handling the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most if not all of the major media news channels seem to be singing multiple choruses prematurely trumpeting the fact that " most of the oil is all gone," confidently claiming - in mass hypnotic fashion - that the "vast majority of the oil" leaked from the broken BP Deepwater Horizon well has "evaporated, been burned, skimmed, recovered from the well head or dispersed." That's a quote from NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco.

CNN: "50 percent of the oil is gone"

FOX News: "Federal science report says 74 percent of BP leaked oil is already gone from Gulf of Mexico"

MSNBC: "U.S. says most BP spill oil is gone or degrading"

ABC News: "Looking for the Oil? NOAA Says It's Mostly Gone"

On the other end of the reality spectrum resides the fisherman, aquatic and wildlife conservationists and simply concerned citizens armed with healthy doses of skepticism whose major concern is that the oil and dispersant mix may be out of sight, but it is definitely not "gone" from the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Gulf Oil Spill Satellite Image July 28th 2010 With Infrared Analysis


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