Weekend round-up for live music

by Dege Legg

Highlights of the week's entertainment and various razzmatazz.
Here's the rundown on things to do this weekend in the Acadiana area. The mid-summer lull is over. The heat is pounding and Unicorn Cowboys ride diligently through the night. There is no end to the evening adventure.

Mike Dean

Nitetown is one of numerous clubs in town ramping up their summer bookings as people come back from vacation with mall tans and a few bucks rattling round in their pockets. People freaking love Mike Dean. He's been mainstay on the country and roots rock singer-songwriter scene for years, shuttling between Lafayette and Nashville. The Mike Dean band returns to the Nitetown stage Aug. 6 with his dust country, swampy-tonk, killer tunes, and slamming band. A band called Doop opens the show. Two nights later at Nitetown, you can get your dose of radio rock, big chorus pop, and contemplative dude schmaltz at Nitetown on Aug 8 with the Cavo, Black Sunshine, and Atom Smash.

TK Hulin

On the other end of the rock and roll spectrum, what happens when TK meets GG? Things get TKO with some OGs. Then the music starts. Be there to witness the double team of two Louisiana legends TK Hulin & GG Shin at the Atchafalya Club on Aug. 7. They'll singing songs of love, loss, liberty, and late night party trains.

Even further out into the stratosphere is the band Really, Really**.** Really, Really has been described as many different things. In a previous issue, I described them as Krokus meets the Necroes in a dark basement with the ghost of Ian Curtis." That still stands. Really, Really like to rock weird while have a good time. They play Artmosphere on Aug. 7 with the contempo-crunch rock of Sunday Morning Headcount.

Out along the periphery, there's a bunch of other stuff going on.  It'll be a busy weekend at the Blue Moon. MoFo Party band play on Aug. 5. On Aug. 6, Rufus Jagneaux and Tortue play hit the Moon stage. On the following night Aug. 7, Michael Juan Nunez and the River Babies play Blue MoonWildfires and Acadiana play Bisbano's on Aug. 6. Foul Stench of Youth and Jupiter Death Brigade play the following night on Aug. 7.