Party Girl

Party Girl 08.18.10

Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010

Trynd rolled out the red carpet for its opening soiree on a recent steamy Thursday night. Housed in the old Stan's building on West Vermilion Street downtown, it will have an Italian restaurant on the bottom floor (soon to be opened) and boasts a swanky lounge on the second, which is now open for business and is where the party was held. Guests gathered amid the red velvet-draped walls and lounged on the black leather furniture while enjoying the sounds of a jazz duo and sipping on custom cocktails. Party Girl's favorite was the Chocolate Dream, which went perfectly with the yummy and vast spread of food running from one end of the bar to the other. Trynd also has a wine bar, if sipping on the libations of Dionysus is more your style. Trynd is open for happy hour as well as late night, so don't be surprised if you see Party Girl having a cocktail after work today!

Party On!

Ismail Balbiesi, Nidal Balbiesi and Martin Guillory

Mike Harson, and Jessica and Charles Cornay

Saul Dupuis and Scott Rogers

The wine bar

The main bar

Todd Zimmerman and Bob Pastor

Donna Mellington, and Dianne and Max Hoyt

Brett Mellington and Judge Richard Haik

Brandon Rochon, Andrew Thibodeaux,
Crystal Alexander and Eugene Winter

The jazz duo

Nawal and Ismail Balbiesi

Peter and Missy Salvatierra

Starla Smith, Shelly Gautreaux and Derek Delahoussaye