Groovers invade Lafayette

by Dege Legg

Three Lafayette clubs host fancy dancing, groove bands this weekend.
In the music world you have doomers, rockers, pickers, slow jammers, shoe gazers, country fryers, and groovers. And many more. Groovers are a select breed. Genus: Grooviticus. Definition. Groover: (noun), a pleasant and feel-good style of music made mostly by Caucasians (but also by other races) with an extreme fascination with funk music made by African-Americans from 1965-1981,  sometimes featuring horns and/or funky bass lines and guys in funny hats. Usage: "You're drum part has no groove." The word "groovy" functioned as teen slang starting in 1944; popularized 1960s, out of currency by 1980. If you like Groove Music, namely stuff that makes you feel good enough to dance, there is a ton of going on this weekend. Grant Street hosts New Orleans' Good Enough for Good Times, featuring members of Galactic on Aug. 20. The next night, New Orleans' Soul Rebels Brass Band double up on a bill with Chubby Carrier at Artmosphere on Aug. 21. And right across the street, on the same night, Aug. 21, the infinite groove just keeps on grooving with Sean Bruce and The Sons of Voodoo at the Blue Moon. That's a lot of groovers.