Redeye Special

by Mary Tutwiler

I'm all about shots. Tequila shots, tetanus shots, pot shots, snap shots, crack shots, whatever you got.

Midafternoon, that sleepy old after-lunch feeling that happens at exactly 2:30, when I'm looking to pool into jelly under my desk and hope no one notices till 4, is time for another shot, a jolt of joe, and downtown now has just the place for it.

America's Coffee House quietly opened last week. The sleek urban envelope is the right sort of environment for a little creative pick-me-up, some quiet conversation and a perusal of the photography on the gallery walls. Owner Floyd Willis, a freelance photographer whom you might remember from his days at Spectrum, is the man behind the espresso machine. He's frothing up cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, iced mochas and his redeye special, a shot of espresso plus a shot of either medium or dark roast.

Shoot it black or ask for a head of steamed milk to tame the caffeinated beast. The Grand Opening takes place Friday, Aug. 27, 5-9 p.m. Americas Coffee House is located at 403 B South Buchanan, where it intersects with Garfield, right behind Tsunami. Call 456-4806 for more info.