Shell game of wells?

by Dege Legg

Speculation on the shell game of BP wells continues.

Speculation ove BP's possible shell game of multiple wells continues. A month ago we had a "A Tale of Two Wells," a theory put forth by energy insider and whistle blower Matt Simmons, who drowned in his hot tub after continuously calling BP to task on its mishandling of the Gulf oil spill. In short, The "Tale of Two Wells" asserted that the relief wells and the capping process on the Macondo wellhead were publicity stunts meant to distract the public from a bigger leak, venting from the ocean floor ten miles away. Simmons also believed that an enormous pool of crude was accumulating below the sea floor and releasing poisonous gases that in the event of a hurricane would have catastrophic effect, possibly leading to a mass evacuation of Gulf states. Conspiracy and sensationalism aside, Simmons wasn't just another nut job. He was a player in the energy game - author, CEO and public speaker.

To add to the mystery of the above mentioned shell game-o-wells, here's an interesting article from the Phoenix Rising from the Gulf blog that delves into "the twisted tale of the missing 3rd well" and further probes BP's alleged game of deception in the Gulf. The question is: How many more wells, holes, vents, plumes and anomalies are these guys going to find down there? If any? Or is it all a case of mass hysteria in reaction to the tragic turn of events that resulted in the Gulf oil spill and the definite possibility that we are in for a mighty long recovery because of it?