Katrina anniversary this weekend

by Mary Tutwiler

Sunday, August 29 marks the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Sunday, August 29 marks the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I recently talked with a friend from New Orleans who sought shelter under my roof that night. I had cooked a big dinner, not knowing exactly who was going to show up. My memory was of gumbo. He reminded me that I had done what everybody does before a hurricane, clean out the freezer. That night all my friends and family sat down to a dinner of froglegs sauce piquant.

To help our sometimes shrouded memories, news outlets in New Orleans and all over the country are filled with stories revisiting the storm and commemorating the anniversary this weekend. Here's a list of stories:

From the Times Picayune
Ray Nagin, Michael Brown meet in the Lower 9th Ward on Today'
Lt. Gen. Russel Honore showed restraint New Orleans police did not: Jarvis DeBerry
Former First Lady Laura Bush congratulates St. Bernard Parish, Gulf Coast region on Katrina recovery

Bicycling into the heart of the flood: A Hurricane Katrina remembrance

From the New York Times
Anniversary puts new focus on New Orleans
Rumor to Fact in Tales of Post-Katrina Violence
Maligned FEMA Chief Visits New Orleans

From National Geographic
Five Years After Katrina, Big Alien Rodents Return
For Hurricane Katrina Victims, A Solar Restart
5 Years After Katrina, Ruins-And a Natural Wonder-Remain

From American Public Media
American Routes: Five Years After the Storm