The Give Project at the Blue Moon

by Dege Legg

Altruistic network of people giving to people celebrates the act of giving at the Blue Moon

In a world populated with me Me ME and my My MY. And my-this. And my-that. And what can you do for me or what have you done for me lately? It's nice to see people attempting to give, instead of take. It is said that the secret to a happy life is living in service to others, rather than self. Enter: The Give Project. They are claiming to be the world's first social responsibility network, using social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to create a movement in which individuals can give freely to one another through the connections they already share online. The hope is that through this free giving, people will begin to expand their abilities for compassion, kindness, and care. What comes around goes around. The Give Project will host a show at the Blue Moon on Sept. 5 with 80 Proof and Ryan Brunet and the Malfactures providing the live music. Let it also be noted that this is a free show.