Fall Fest honors Elemore Morgan Jr.

by Mary Tutwiler

Come downtown tomorrow for a special Saturday ArtWalk. Come downtown tomorrow for a special Saturday ArtWalk. Fall Fest honors painter Elemore Morgan Jr. This celebration of Morgan's life, his art and influence on Louisiana artists will herald the State's proclaimed "Elemore Morgan Day" slated for September 18.

Many partners have come together to create this arts festival. "My family and I are extremely proud that the state of Louisiana and the City of Lafayette are honoring Elemore's legacy," says Morgan's wife, artist Mary Morgan. "We want this day to become a celebration of all of Louisiana's artists. We celebrate Louisiana's great cultural heritage, its music, and its food but we don't always recognize its visual art.  Our visual artists make Louisiana's history come alive and carry its impact to the rest of the world."

2nd Saturday ArtWalk
Fall Fest
Honoring Elemore Morgan, Jr.
4 p.m. until 8 p.m.
Acadiana Center for the Arts (101 W. Vermilion St., 233-7060)
Main Gallery: Through Sept. 25
Michel Varisco: Shifting
Photographs of the Louisiana wetlands, swamps and barrier islands. The effect of the oil spill can be seen in Varisco's artwork, a compilation of photos incorporating salt water intrusion, degradation of marshes from oil pipelines, former logging channels, and the deepwater horizon oil spill.
Side Gallery: Through Sept. 25
Louise Guidry
Guidry's work focuses primarily on the dynamic interplay between color and texture. A St. Martinville native, Louise has been drawing and painting since early childhood. Each piece is an ongoing visual diary of thoughts, memories and sketches of the great natural beauty of Louisiana.
Vault Series: Through Sept. 25
Kelly Guidry
A combination of subtractive and constructive sculpture. He uses the chainsaw and other power tools to cut and burn wood, and welding equipment to bend and weld metal.
Art House: Through Sept. 25
An exhibit of works by original Artists Alliance members, including former students of Elemore Morgan Jr.
Louisiana Folk Roots: Jam Des Amis  
Folks who don't play an instrument are also welcome to come by and enjoy the music. 234-8360.
Adrian Fulton's Fine Art Gallery (302 Jefferson St., 658-3274) - For Fall Fest, the gallery will feature live art, food, and live music by Brock Thornton & the Elephunk.
Architects + Artists Gallery (200 Jefferson St., 234-4166) - Eddie Cazayoux will be giving a presentation on architectural images he created while working with longtime friend Elemore Morgan Jr.
Cajun Spice (535 Jefferson St., 232-3061) - Liz Gold and Debbie Denison, both from Chimayo, N.M., exhibit their works through October. Due to illness, both women have been forced to find additional means of financial support outside of their 9-to-5 careers. The result is exquisite photos by Gold and paintings by Denison.
Cité des Arts (109 Vine St., 291-1122)
Francis Pavy Studio (210 Gordon St., 232-6682) - Open Studio
Galerie Eclaireuse (535 ½ Jefferson St., 234-5492) - "The Louisiana Landscape" features Melissa Bonin, Pegi Derby, Erin Chance Fenstermaker, Dutch Kepler, Colleen McDaniel, Jane Noble, Steve Schneider and Dennis Sipiorski, honoring Elemore Morgan Jr. and his devotion to Louisiana's terrain.
Gallery 549 (549 Jefferson St., 593-0796) - "Brush with Hope 2010," a group exhibition benefiting the Jacob Crouch Foundation. Each artist used a photograph by Dan Bertrand as inspiration."
Gallery R at The Russo Group (116 E. Congress St., 769-1530) - Available for viewing throughout the month during regular business hours.
Lounge Art Gallery (402 S. Buchanan St., 236-5570)
Pottery Alley (205 ½ W. Vermilion St., 267-4453) - Art Under Wraps
Sans Souci Gallery (219 E. Vermilion St., 266-7999)
The Alamo (318 Simco St., 280-7789) - Opening reception for an exhibit by Eddie Granger, 7:30 -10:30 p.m.
Whoojoo Stained Glass (532 Jefferson St., 269-9310) - New paintings by David Alpha.
Vermilion Street Firehouse (Corner of Vermilion and Lee) - Elemore Morgan Jr. draw-in, sponsored by PASA. Materials will be provided or you can bring your own.