Party Girl

Party Girl 09.15.10

It was back to the '80s at the Past Times at Pamplona tapas party held on a sizzling Saturday night. As break dancers spun around under a disco ball to DJ'd tunes from the decade of excess, Pamplona's master bartenders Luke Tullos and Anson Trahan mixed up '80s-inspired cocktails like Miami Vice, B & J (Bartles and James) Forever, Mr. Miagi, Cherry Bomb, TurningĀ  Japanese and the Cocaine Queen shot. Special guest appearances included Madonna, Rick James, Jessica and Roger Rabbit, Don Johnson, Ted "Theodore" Logan and those lovable guys from Goonies. Jive talkin' the night away were Erika Stamato, Michelle Wapnarski, Jessica Reeves, Eric Tobin and Bailey Ritchey.

Sweltering heat and steamy showers couldn't stop Jeff and Colin Riggs' backyard barbecue and jam session from going forward at full speed. Jeff grilled up a mean meat spread, including ribs, boudin, sausage and pork chops, and blended up some batches of lethal margaritas. Between bites, Jeff and Colin, Alexandria attorney Willie Neblett (Colin's bro), Lafayette lawyer Joey Dupuis and landman John Melancon belted out classic songs by Procol Harum, The Police and other esteemed artists. Who knew Jeff played an amazing keyboard and Colin possessed those pipes? Everyone within listening range of their River Ranch retreat, that's who!

Luke Tullos and Anson Trahan

Erika Stamato, Carla Ahmadian, Inacena Silva
and Michelle Wapnarski

Jessica Reeves, Jacob Laborde
and Eric Tobin

Lauren McCardell, Callie Broussard,
Kara Vincent and Bailey Ritchey

Andrew Payne as Pee Wee Herman

Gina Melancon, Willie Neblett, Colin Riggs
(in red in back), Jennifer Briggs and Caitlen Riggs
(front) with Colin's 1966 Mustang convertible

Gina Melancon and Jeff Riggs

Jennifer Briggs, Mary Ann Doland
and Gina Melancon

Abigail Ransonet

Brandee Ketchum, Barbara Olinde,
Colin Riggs and Jennifer Briggs

Joey Dupuis