Brass Bed release Melt White

by Dege Legg

Local band Brass Bed release Melt White album.

It hits the street as of today, Sept. 21. Local indie-post, proto-rockers Brass Bed release their second album, Melt White, on Park the Van Records. Bands come and go. Most last one to three years. Some make it to five. Some bands muster the intestinal fortitude to tour, release more than one record, and weather the ups and downs and arbitrary quirks of the music scene, and somehow miraculously manage to not get jaded. They are the true souls.

Brass Bed is one of those bands accomplishing just that. No longer just a wispy band of young up and coming wolf pups nibbling on the Wilco teet, Brass Bed are now a Man-Band, babywith seasoned chops, road miles on them, and a creatively spirited, collective mojo that at times is fearless and ballsy and luminous in its marked tendency to avoid anything youthfully aggro or predictably dumb.

The man-tooth erudition and near scholarly manner they've absorbed music made 10 to 20 years before they were born is one of the things that makes Brass Bed unique. From surf soul to Twickenham twang to banjo bang-bang to the alt-indie-post-rock catalogue of the past 20 years, Brass Bed has absorbed it all actively and forged it into their own quirky, experimental pop tunes. All the above is on display on Brass Bed's second release Melt White; the schizoid ambience, the muscular chops, the first-class songwriting, and the melodic eccentricity that reveals thoughtfully crafted hooks with repeated sittings. Dig it. Buy it. It's good stuff. The CD is official available as of today, Sept. 21.

Posthaste with Christian of Brass Bed

History of Brass Bed in five words, more or less. Isaac Brock punched me thrice.

What's up with the new record? What's different this second time around? Melt White is much more dynamic than Midnight Matinee. We knew exactly what we wanted going in, which enabled us to execute the tracks live. For the most part, the basics are live. Guitar solos are live, bass tones are live, f**k ups are live. Though the record is heavily produced, it still has an energy that can only be captured in live tracking. Did I say that it was live?

You did mention it was live. What's next for Brass Bed? We're already pretty far along in compiling basic structures and ideas for a new record's worth of material. We'll be touring on Melt White for sometime, but with any luck we'll be able to follow it up real quick like.

**When is it most appropriate to wear the Vampire Prince of Monaco outfit?

**Never after labor day. Clearly

You into books, writers? I've been reading my fair share of sci-fi and alternative history. To that end, I really dug Phillip Roth's Plot Against America and Phillip K. Dick's Man In The High Castle. My favorite writers are mostly philosophers like Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Alasdair MacIntyre. If you like Russian dissidents, check out Sergei Dovlatov's The Compromise. He's the Russian Hunter S. Thompson.

Worst gig ever? The Pit in Jacksonville, Florida. We played behind a cage with only the other band and the sound guy in attendance, who decided it was a good time to try out every FX patch on his board.

What's the weirdest bill you've ever played on? Easily our first show on our first tour as a "real" band way back when. This guy named "Buster the Band" opened for us.  The band was his knee on a piano bench. That's right, he knelt on a piano bench. Voodoo fest was actually pretty weird too. We opened for a guy who played a guitar with each hand and a bass at his feet. Maybe I should say "jawesome" instead of "weird".

In the event of extinction level event, what the first three things an individual must do? Obtain a mate of the opposite sex, a boombox, and baby-making music.

What is the difference between metal and stainless steel? Trick question. Stainless steel is a type of metal. Suck it.

WRONG! THIS!!!!!!!

True or False:**

Once in a while I think of things too bad to talk about.                           very true

My family does not like the work I have chosen.                                    false___

I like mechanic magazines.                                                                    false___

I have had difficulty starting or holding my bowel movement.                  depends

I like to cruise by the Girls Catholic School in my car.                            I try to avoid it

If being in a rock band, were a regular job, what would be your salary expectations? Something I can reasonably raise a family on and send kids to college with. I dunno: a billion dollars?When involuntarily forced to piss in the wind, metaphorically speaking, what is the proper technique one should use to minimize splatter? Simultaneously jockey backward as to keep the stream falling in front of you.

First Rambo movie First Blood is actually pretty good. Thoughts. First Blood really is the direct heir of The Deerhunter and Apocalypse Now in the pantheon of 'Nam movies. Stallone's most sympathetic lead since Rocky.

Who controls the money? The government, considering they can print as much of it as they want. When I do that in my laundry room, it's called counterfeiting.

At the gym, you mostly: C.
a. Hang out in the locker room.
b. Try to pick up chicks.
c. Use those 3 pound weights.
d. Hang out in the steam room.

If out of economic necessity you were forced to create and market your own brand of men's dungarees, what would the line be called?
Mader's Gatorchosen Lederhosen.