Cowboy Mouth at Downtown Alive!

by Dege Legg

New Orleans' pump and pop rockers play Downtown Alive!

Louisiana pop rockers Cowboy Mouth are an institution on the party rock, college circuit and a powerhouse live act. If you want to chug a keg of beer and you need some musical acaccompanimentc, this is the band to call. If you want to drive real fast and chew beernuts, this is the band you want. If you want to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and dance drunk in public, this is the band you need. Best known for their most successful single "Jenny Says," over the past decade Cowboy Mouth has toured the states and beyond, cultivating a hard-earned grassroots following through sheer force of will and road worn tenacity. Cowboy Mouth plays Downtown Alive! tonight, Sept. 24 in Parc Internationa in downtown Lafayette.