Broussard prevails over Youngsville in annexation suit

by Walter Pierce

The Third Circuit ruling sends the fight between the two south Lafayette Parish cities back to district court with the ultimate prize being the valuable commercial corridor along Ambassador Caffery South. The Third Circuit Court of Appeal has denied a supervisory writ filed by the city of Youngsville, which was attempting to block a lawsuit challenging Youngsville's annexation of more than 50 acres of land skirting the Ambassador Caffery extension. The suit attempting to block the annexation was filed by Bridges-Carpenter Properties, a limited liability company that owns some of the land annexed by Youngsville; the neighboring city of Broussard also signed onto the suit.

Youngsville's tried to block the suit last summer by arguing that Bridges-Carpenter didn't have standing to file the suit because it's not a person; District Court Judge John Trahan ruled against Youngsville and the Third Circuit panel upheld Trahan's ruling, meaning the suit can proceed to trial at the district court level. The suit is one of a handful moving through the 15th Judicial District involving annexation squabbles among Broussard, Lafayette and Youngsville.

In an email exchange earlier this week, Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais said he never doubted that Youngsville's appeal would be denied, calling the case a "slam dunk."