Name that Brees baby

by Mary Tutwiler

Obviously Drew Brees' mind was not on the Cardinals game the Saints dropped to Arizona, 20-30. What he was thinking about is the birth of his second son, due any day now, that had him so kabollixed he threw an unprecedented three interceptions. Brees is asking his fan base to send in suggestions of names for baby boy number two. His wife's name is Brittany, their first son is named Baylen, and the Brees family is looking for another unusual B name.

So far there are 146 comments on the NOLA website. Some faves: Boudreaux Brees, Bienville Brees, Bayou Brees, Benson Brees and of course Balmy Brees. Feel free to add your own suggestions here on the Ind's website, we'll send them along to Drew and Brittany with our best wishes for an easy delivery and a victory next week.