Still no chemical test for Corexit in seafood

by Dege Legg

Is Gulf seafood safe to eat?

So the oil is supposedly all gone or just forced to the sea floor with the aid of Corexit   out of sight and out of mind the clean up crews are gone, and fisherman are back on the water, but a number of people are still not comfortable with the idea of eating seafood fished from the Gulf of Mexico.

According to a News 5 WKRG report, officials monitoring Gulf seafood are still not using a chemical test to detect Corexit only a smell and taste test. The long term effects of Corexit are still unknown, so much so that even BP officials, during a PR stop at a Bayou La Batre, Ala., seafood resturant, ate seafood that was either imported from other areas or of pre-spill stock.