Band on the run: Brass Bed

by Dege Legg

Lafayette's Brass Bed are currently on tour in support of their new album Melt White.

Bands come and go. Most last one to three years. Some make it to five. Some bands muster the intestinal fortitude to tour, release more than one record, and weather the ups and downs and arbitrary quirks of the music scene, and somehow miraculously manage to not get jaded. They are the true souls.

Lafayette's Brass Bed is accomplishing just that. No longer just a wispy band of young guns with a pronounced Wilco fixation, Brass Bed are now a Man-Band, with seasoned chops, road miles on them, and a creatively spirited, collective mojo that at times is fearless and ballsy and luminous in its marked tendency to avoid anything youthfully aggro or predictably  dumb. With man-tooth erudition, Brass Bed has scholarly absorbed everything from classic rock to post-punk, and forged it into their own quirky, experimental pop tunes.

Brass Bed

Comprised of Jonny Campos (guitar, pedal steel, bass, vocals), Peter DeHart (drums, touches, vocals), Christiaan Mader (vocals, guitar, bass), and Andrew Toups (keyboards), Brass Bed are currently on the road, burning up the miles, taking in the sites, and rocking the clubs around the U.S. in support of their second release Melt White (Park the Van Records).

Melt White, CD

Brass Bed on the road:**

Oct. 20
Satellite Bar
Wilmington, NC

Oct. 21
Everlasting Life
Washington, DC

Oct. 22
Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 23
Kung Fu Necktie     
Philadelphia, Pa

Oct. 25
Boone Saloon     
Boone, NC

Oct. 26
Bottle Tree Cafe     
Birmingham, AL

Oct. 27
Tuscaloosa, AL

Oct. 28
Thirsty Hippo     
Hattiesburg, MS

Oct. 29
Saturn Bar     
New Orleans, LA

Nov. 3
Longbranch Saloon     
Knoxville, TN

Nov. 4
Chattanooga, TN

Nov. 5
The Bishop     
Bloomington, IN

Nov. 6
Cowboy Monkey     
Champaign, IL

Nov. 7
St. Louis, MO

Nov. 8
The Lift     
Dubuque, IA

Nov. 9
Vaudeville Mews     
Des Moines, IA

Nov. 10
Turf Club     
Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 11
Cactus Club     
Milwaukee, WI

Nov. 12
Empty Bottle     
Chicago, IL

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Midnight Matinee (CD)
Melt White (CD)