Party Girl

Party Girl 10.20.10

Hollywood came to Lafayette for the cast party of Bullet Films' latest Lafayette-based project, Weather Wars. On a beautiful moonlit night, gorgeous young actors Erin Cahill, Jason London, Wes Brown and Todor Chapkanov outshone the stars on the poolside patio of George and Roxanne Graham's River Ranch home. Stunning blonde Angela Meredith showed off her sparkling new engagement ring from actor-beau Griff Furst. Veteran actor Stacy Keach charmed the crowd with his laid-back manner and festive island attire. Caterer to the stars Heather Babineaux prepared a delicious spread, including crabmeat stuffed mushrooms with demi glaze and white wine, bacon-wrapped shrimp in Tiger Sauce and cane syrup reduction, freshwater mozzarella with prosciutto bruschetta and tuna ceviche with mango. City-Parish President Joey Durel presented Honorary Cajun proclamations to the cast, as well as über-producer Ken Badish and his wife, Jennifer. But the real scene-stealers were Chapkanov's adorable 3-year-old daughter, Lea, and Brown's precious year-old, Amanda. Showing the filmmakers some Cajun hospitality were Pat and Cheryl Ottinger, Dr. Kip Schumacher, Mary Ann Diel, Jackie Lyle, Councilman Sam Doré and Sandy and Mitch Landry.

Stacy Keach, and Sandy and Mitch Landry

Jason London, Erin Cahill, Todor Chapkanov
and Griff Furst

Todor, Lea and Iva Chapkanov

Angela Meredith and Griff Furst,
and Mary Ann Diel and Dr. Kip Schumacher

Joey Durel and Jason London

Ken Badish, George Graham and Daniel Lewis

Jennifer and Ken Badish

Roxy Graham and Jennifer Badish

Stacy Keach, Roxy and George Graham,
Jason London and Erin Cahill

Merribeth, Amanda and Wes Brown

Daniel and Brandy Lewis

Tiffany and Cullen London, and Heather Babineaux