Kleinpeter ice cream garners national attention

by Mary Tutwiler

A story on Kleinpeter Farms Dairy, of Baton Rouge, is the cover story for the October, 2010 issue of Dairy Foods Magazine. The story, titled "Straight From the Heart," was written by Cathy Sivak, the publication's field editor.

"Jeff (Kleinpeter) had been sending us ice cream samples for awhile, and people on staff were just raving about them. I mean, who puts sweet potatoes in ice cream? So we already wanted to do the story," Sivak says.

However, according to Sivak the biggest reason for the national attention was the dairy's expansion into ice cream in January 2008, the beginning of the national recession.

"We like to showcase something that is above and beyond the norm. In Kleinpeter's case, it's an entirely new product line that requires an investment of a satellite facility, the ice cream plant, onto a main plant. That really shows a commitment to ongoing company growth at a time when many dairy processors were just hunkering down trying to stay in business, and here's Kleinpeter taking a bold step, especially for a smaller company," Sivak says.

The first paragraph of the story reads, "The bold red Kleinpeter Farms Dairy heart logo pulses with a century of passion for high-quality dairy products, over-the-top customer service, community involvement and environmental stewardship,"

"We pour our hearts into what we do. We love our cows. We love the environment, we love our products, and we love our customers.' It's a thread,  no matter what we're talking about," says Melinda Walsh, Kleinpeter Dairy's long time marketing consultant Walsh.

Read the story [here](images/banners/075 DFR-Corporate.pdf).