Party Girl

Party Girl 10.27.10

St. Martinville's beautifully restored Duchamp Opera House was the setting for the emotionally charged production of Henrik Ibsen's classic Ghosts. The cleverly staged production, reset from 1881 Norway to 1916 New Orleans, caused so much controversy in its day that it was called "one of the filthiest things ever written in Scandinavia." The play is still shocking, but relevant, today. Esteemed London cum Lafayette actress Amanda Newbery captured the complicated character of Helen Alving, a progressive-thinking woman stifled by the constraints of an oppressive society and husband. Leading man Heath Swain did a remarkable job at crunch time learning his many lines as Reverend Manders while working on his teaching certification. As Alving's tortured son Oswald, newcomer Devin Capritto left audience members spellbound till the end. Lovely Elizabeth Hunt was the adventurous but naïve Regina Engstrand, and Paul David was Regina's alcoholic father Jakkob. Following the opening of the dramatic three-act play, a cast party featured champagne and delicious cuisine by Chef Bobby and Dot Catering of Kaplan. Ghosts was directed by the talented Charlee Halphen Swain, its run ending last weekend.

On a dark and stormy night, deep in the marshy woods of Acadiana, a group of oilfield drillers unknowingly unleashed a Native American animal spirit which promptly tore them into smithereens - Monsterwolf! And so began the premier of the fast-paced thriller filmed largely in Crowley and Lafayette. Making a red-carpeted entrance at LITE were actor Griff Furst as comic-relief Chase, director Todor Chapkanov and his lovely wife Iva and executive producer Daniel Lewis and his beautiful bride Brandy. Making their small screen debuts were City-Parish President Joey Durel, typecast in a serious role as a political bigwig, and the adorable Lauren Graham as a gossipy check-out girl. Check your local listings for repeat showings of Monsterwolf on the SyFy Channel.

Chris Capritto, Lori Capritto, Devin Capritto,
Ryan Miguez and Summer Louviere

Charlie Halphen, Josh and Julia Allen
and Heath Swain

Brady Broussard, Elizabeth Hunt, Anthony
Lascaro, Dana Leger and Jean-Marie Leger

Paul David, Dylon Boudreaux, Heath and
Charlee Halphen Swain, Elizabeth Hunt,
Amanda Newbery and Devin Capritto

Iva, Lea and Todor Chapkanov and Daniel Lewis

Roxy and George Graham with actress
daughter Lauren Graham

John Pederson, Julie Bordelon and David Maraist

Daniel and Brandy Lewis

Angela Meredith and Griff Furst