Lights, couillons, action!

by Walter Pierce

Here's what happens when alcohol and testosterone mix. Unfortunately, it happened on Jefferson Street.

Apropos of nothing (natch), the video below was posted recently to YouTube showing what purports to be a fight on Jefferson Street downtown on a recent weekend night. It was posted to the video-sharing website by a YouTube user going by the screen name LAstubbz, who writes: "This is a early Sunday morning on Jefferson street in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana AKA (Da Flatz) after the clubs let out. Reminds me of the Terminator movie in the scene were Arnold Schwarzenegger got throwin thru a glass window."

We're pretty sure the video is authentic; the location appears to be Wazoo, a women's clothing store on the 400 block, and an employee there said a front window was in fact shattered a few weeks ago. No word yet on whether the knuckleheads in the video were apprehended. Cpl. Mark Francis, a public information officer for Lafayette Police, says an investigator is on the case, but Francis wasn't sure if any arrests have been made. The Wazoo employee said police officers were on the scene quickly, secured the site and that no merchandise was stolen.