Jacob Jones plays Blue Moon

by Dege Legg

Tennessee singer-songwriter Jacob Jones comes to town.

Tennessee is known for breeding a lot of great singer-songwriters. Jacob Jones is no different. He brings his neo-roots and trad-folk grass to the Blue Moon Saloon on Nov. 11 with locals roots rockers 80 Proof.

**Playing Favorites with Jacob Jones
White meat vs. dark meat? The whole damn bird.

Favorite food? Chicago hotdogs, anything in sandwich form.

Favorite food to hate! Anything with cilantro. Vile weed.

Favorite Record of Past 10 Years? Josh Ritter's Animal Years. Also, Old Crow Medicine Show, O.C.M.S. had a huge impact on me.

Favorite Worst Movie Ever Made? Red Dawn.

Favorite Nutty Historical Figure? Benjamin Franklin. Do some research, he was pretty nutty.

Favorite Nick-Name for Significant Other? Lucky.

Weapon of choice? Six shooter.

Favorite hang spot? Bars. Any bar will do.

Favorite truck stop food or snack when on tour? Coffee.

Most necessary item to bring on tour? Sunglasses and a pillow. And coffee.

Favorite icon who isn't a musician? Tom Robbins.

2012. Blind date with disaster vs. metaphysical upgrade? I'm hoping for upgrade. I want to be able to use ATMs and drive cars with my mind.