The long and winding road to Louisiana Crossroads

by Dege Legg

Shreveport folkie plays Louisiana Crossroads.
Oh, to be young, cool, and backed by well-connected music industry people who know how to get your music into the right hands so that you can live the dream and not end up broke, living in a sad shack motel, and collecting a crazy check. Dylan Leblanc, 20, must have a rocking management team. Dude just popped on the scene and he's already got 1) a gig at Louisiana Crossroads, 2) a Wikipedia entry, and 3) a record deal. Oh, the long and winding road to eternity! INSERT: weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 22:12-13). Although a native of Shreveport, Leblanc's dad was one of the session players at Alabama's historic Muscle Shoals studio. "I grew up around a lot of the session playerswhen I was 11 or 12, I would watch and ask a lot of questions," says Leblanc in his online bio. So considering the peak years of Muscle Shoals studio was 1969-1979 and Leblanc was born in 1990, that means, he'd probably be asking questions like, Hey, dude. How do you play the riff from 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite?

I love band bios they reek of marketing teams shooting for Authenticity Dollar$ while trying to make their client look like Leadbelly's third cousin. When is someone going to just stand up and say, "I'm a suburban goon like everyone else, but now I play acoustic guitar and I'm shooting for a singer-songwriter career just like the 106,345,902 other guys."

Regardless, Dylan Leblanc is good. Maybe too good for his years. Take early My Morning Jacket, sprinkle some Lightfoot dust on it, and Boom! out pops out a dude with great vocal chops, quaint roots tunes, and MOJO Magazine proclaiming, "Greatness beckons." Dylan Leblanc plays Louisiana Crossroads at the new Acadiana Center for the Arts Performance Theater tonight, Nov. 11.