Free dental screenings for musicians

by Dege Legg

Don't call it socialism! Don't blame Obama! It's a free dental screening. Relax.

Don't call it socialism! Don't blame Obama! And don't start regurgitating all that mind-numbing madness you hear on Fox News. Just relax for a mintute. Call it taking care of your brothers and sisters in the music business...or what is left of it. This is a heads up to all Acadiana musicians and individual working on music industry. The folks over at MusiCares and the Smile Program are giving free dental screenings, teeth cleanings, and complete x-rays for uninsured musicians, sound engineers, roadies, and producers on Dec. 6. Once again, the services are free of charge and doled out on a first come, first served basis, so if like many musicians, you have no health insurance, now might be a good time to get yourself checked out.

To schedule appointment, call 877-626-2748 or 233-7060

Or email:

[email protected]

[email protected]