The Independent Weekly's 2010 Big Hair Do!

by Robin Hebert

Watch the video from the 2010 Big Hair Do!

There comes a point in every fashion-forward's life when the parties become err, less fashionable. Thankfully, The Independent Weekly's The Big Hair Do Ball & Benefit hasn't gotten there yet!  Not only did local salons strut their stuff with eye-popping hair dos, Lafayette's future fashion icons set high standards for what's in, in Lafayette.

The spectacular runway show was quite the extravaganza, with lights, camera and action!-Check out the video for yourself; it's the Hollywood-type premiere event Lafayette has yearned for.

Next year we'll toss all the old rules out and give the trend-setting salons and fashionistas a chance to make a huge splash at the 2011 Big Hair Do Ball & Benefit.

For more information please contact Robin Hebert at [email protected].

The Independent Weekly's The Big Hair Do 2010