Nouveau Beaujolais pops its cork

by Mary Tutwiler

Champagne at New Year's Eve, mint juleps on Derby Day, a beautiful Beaune for Passover (that was my dad's way of blending his French heritage with Jewish observance): we who love wine and spirits have important traditions. And today is one of them.

The Nouveau Beaujolais has arrived from France, and tonight is the night for the first taste of the new wine.

Nouveau Beaujolais is the first press of this year's beaujolais grapes, bottled and rushed to market. Oenophiles all over the world raise a glass to toast the turn of the season, the love of the vine and to taste the first of the year's vintage. Will it be a good one?

To find out head over to Philippe's Wine Cellar on Ambassador Caffery at 5 p.m. today for a ceremonial popping of the cork. There's a $5 fee and a complementary glass, along with a taste of the new Georges Duboeuf Nouveau Beaujolais, and who knows what else, there's always surprises chez Philippe. Call (991) 9794 for more info.

Over at Marcello's Wine Market on Johnston Street, check out the Mommessin Primeurs and Georges Duboeuf on Saturday, Nov. 20, 1-4 p.m, free of charge. Both bottles are under $10. Call 264-9520 for more info.