Doctor sounds the alarm in the Gulf

by Dege Legg

Florida doctor predicts huge surge in cancer rates among Gulf residents due to the BP oil spill.

In the wake of the capping of BP's Deepwater Horizon well, there has been an overwhelming silence or go with the flow disregard in the major media in regards to health considerations of Gulf Coast residents. But for every professionally produced BP commercial spot telling you that "everything is OK," there is a Kendra Arneson, ringing the alarm bells about the negative effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

Add Dr. Rodney Soto's name to that list of Gulf Coast residents attempting to inform the public of the unspoken truths about the Gulf spill. Over the past six months, the Florida physician has been treating Gulf Coast residents for a host of maladies that are allegedly a direct result of the BP spill. Most notable among Dr. Soto's many warnings is the claim that Gulf seafood is not safe to eat and will inevitably result in a huge surge in cancer rates among Gulf residents, even those living far from the coast. The doctor claims that there are only two ways for residents - even those living as far as 1,000 miles inland - to survive toxic exposure to the chemicals released in the Gulf: either relocate or initiate an intensive, long-term, detoxification program.

From the

They are killing our American citizens, especially the children" and "Cancer is going to surge" are two statements in the radio program unreported by mainstream press.

Born in Equador and completing university work in the U.S. including specialist degrees, Dr. Soto stated that he is regularly finding 5-7 VOCs in his patients. These patients include people not directly involved in clean-up and residents not right on the coast.

"In my opinion, we should not let people eat any of the Gulf seafood," said Dr. Soto. Dr. Soto believes the seafood is what will kill the most people.

The so-called "safe" amount of toxins is 1.3ppm. Dr. Soto highlighted that in Pensacola and other areas, soon after the Gulf Operation began, the toxic level was 1000's ppm. Then, "they stopped reporting it."

Mr. Rense asked how people are being poisoned; "How would you describe the vectors?

Without hesitation, Dr. Soto listed ways people have been and are being injured:

1. Air
2. Skin (playing in the sand)
3. Food

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