Party Girl

Party Girl 12.01.10

Lafayette's finest legal eagles gathered at Corner Bar for the Young Lawyers Association's final social of the year, sponsored by Becker & Hebert, Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann, Judge Phyllis Keaty Campaign, Home Repair & Remodeling by Isaac, Steven "Buzz" Durio Campaign and Taylor Davis of Northwestern Mutual. Stan Lerille and his crew served up frosty frozen margaritas, generous mixed drinks and beer to the thirsty crowd, while lawyers, judges and guests dished out their own jambalaya and sweets. The boisterous event ended with door prizes from Brother's on the Boulevard and Oil Center One Hour Dry Cleaners.

Darnall, Sikes, Gardes & Frederick's spacious River Ranch office was the site of its Meet the Artist reception for the Art for All Seasons' fall exhibit, featuring the artwork of Bonnie Camos, Tina Trahan and Kate Ferry. As guests leisurely sipped wine and nibbled cheeses, they perused the halls to view Camos' unique Head Study and Spirit series composed of encaustic, wood, glass and copper; Trahan's beautiful violin, wine bottles and Baroque Scrolls, and Ferry's vibrant fish, guinea hens and Dancer with Headdress. During the reception, the charming artists mingled with art lovers and described the inspirations for their paintings. Art for All Seasons is a program designed by DSG&F to showcase the works of local artists in its workspace, with exhibits changing every three months through coordinator Peggy Wagner. Attending the fall reception were John Mouton and his son, Jake, David Strother and his wife, Susan Daigle, and Scott and Dianne Bailey and photographer Sonny Monteleone.
Party On!

Bill Stagg, Gary McGoffin, Arthe
and Jesse Lambert

Cade Evans, Anne and Tim Ryab
and Sean Rabalais

Frank Slavich and Dona Renegar

Hallie and Jeff Coreil

Jason Matt and Miles Matt

Jeremy Hebert, Adam Abdalla, Stan Lerille
and Jean Paul Coussan

Penny Rogers and Matt Fontenot

Susan Daigle and David Strother

Anna Bergeron and Kate Ferry

David Strother, Jake Mouton and John Mouton

Artists Tina Trahan, Bonnie Camos
and Kate Ferry with Camos' Head Study

Jane Broussard, Tina Trahan and
Sonny Monteleone

Tina Trahan with "Forest Rain"