Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

by Maria Capritto

Eyelash extensions from The Eyelash Bar are the ideal way to get a lush fringe for the holidays.

Everyone knows that one of the sexiest things that a woman can have is a sultry, thick set of lashes. But getting them can be a pain. From layers and layers of mascara that can run to sets of false lashes that can be difficult to apply and can pull out and damage your own lashes, eyelash extensions are an easy way to have the lashes that you have dreamed of without the hassle. They are semi-permanent and grow out naturally with your own lashes, giving you a beautiful look for your holiday parties without all of the work. Not to mention, you wake up in the morning looking fabulous!

Also, if you buy a full set of lashes between now and the 15th you get a free spray tan or an application of airbrush makeup.

The Eyelash Bar is located at 1502 South College Road. Call 337.316.1111 for more information.