Rap ain't dead

by Dege Legg

Hip hop stays alive in the Hub City.

Hip hop ain't dead yet. Just like punk rock, it goes through periods of sustained interest followed by abject flagellation, but it never dies. Wyzdom360 and Swell have been hosting Hip Hop in the Flats for the past year which is designed to give fledgling hip-hop artists an event to showcase their talents. "We're trying to sustain what seems to be the dying hip-hop scene in Lafayette," says Wyzdom360. "Until we started hosting these events there was no form of unity between the burgeoning hip-hop artists. Most of our old crews have moved away to other big cities where the culture is still thriving." On Dec. 10, rappers convene at The Spot Skatepark (4305 Johnston, Lafayette) to throw down for Hip Hop in the Flats. It's an all ages event with appearances from Truth Universal (New Orleans), Lyrikill (New Orleans), Mr. F and Corey D (Lafayette), Gambit and Young Skrap the Chief (Lafayette), Caligula (New Orleans), Marcel P. Black (Baton Rouge/OKC), Lyriq's The Lyricist (New Orleans),Tony Skratchere and Dokda J, Kicks. Doors open at 9 p.m.