Pack and Paddle, a guy's playground

by Robin Hebert

Pack and Paddle for unique and practical gifts Okay, I went into Pack and Paddle to take pictures for the INDStore blog, however, I left with a Northface coat and thermal underwear, how did that happen? I'll tell you how great service and a big smile, it gets me every time. While browsing I found some peculiar stocking stuffers along with a few must-haves! Pack and Paddle must be a guy's playground and getaway; I know I can shop there for hours. A must-have I saw is the waterproof vacuum sealed ipad cover, the package says it was tested underwater overnight. Just what I want for the beach! I love the Green Guru products they make waste into stylish gear. I have my eye on Green Guru messenger bag---I'm all about expressing my outer world. Well it's official I have this fabulous Northface coat so I must be cool'.

For unique yet practical gifts go to Pack and Paddle, located at 601 East Pinhook Road in Lafayette. For more information call 337-232-5854.