Thomas Wedding

by Robin Hebert

Courtney and Cody met in high school

For a little back story, we actually met in high school and dated for a short while, but it wasn't until we met again in college that we started dating seriously. Of all places, we met our junior year in college at campus copies. We had the same lunch break and would end up talking the entire time, even though I swore that I would eat and study only. Well that was never possible around Cody Thomas; he always had a story to tell. By the end of the semester and a few bon fires later we were inseparable and have been ever since.

I would have thought my day would have been hectic, crazy, & stressful but it was none of those things, it was the most relaxing day I could have hoped for. I had a great morning with the girls getting all dressed up, makeup and hair. I was never nervous or anything. Not until I got to the church.

I probably paced a hole in the floor of the waiting room the girls and I had to wait in. I was so excited and anxious to see him that I paced for what seemed like eternity, while applying lip gloss at least 30 times. All of that melted away the instant I saw him though with his nervous, cheesy smile. He had a grin from ear to ear and from the moment my dad gave me away to Cody on the altar, the nervousness and anxiousness feel away to complete joy, there were nonstop smiles and laughing from then on out. Our wedding flew by; it literally felt like 15 minutes. Cody of course talked the entire time we were on the altar. He could not wait to tell me all about his day! I remember after, when we got to the reception we had at least 20 people ask us what the heck he was talking to me about. Our photographer even has a shot of me where I am clearly smiling and shh'ing him at the same time. We also had a good laugh when we said our vows and when Cody blurted out, "that was a great kiss!" after our first kiss. It was a very relaxed, laid back wedding where I'm sure everyone saw how comfortable we are with each other.

Next, the reception, where we had plenty of cake, food, goodies, dancing and drinking. We went a nontraditional way and had guests sign plates that I had made at Clayfish Bisque, instead of signing books. We also had a sweets table with both of our favorite candies that was wiped out by the end of the night. We danced our first dance to "I have and I always will" by Dave Barnes and I do not think we could have found a more perfect song for us. After our first dance and dances with our parents, the party started and to say everyone danced is an understatement.

Everything ran smoothly, we cut the cake, toasted with our wedding party and took plenty of pictures. We had a blast and it was exactly what we wanted out of our reception; a big celebration. Two funny highlights from the reception would have to be my bouquet toss and our dance line.

Let's just say my maid of honor was getting the bouquet whether anyone liked it or not. Instead of tossing my bouquet I actually pretended like I was going to throw it and at the last minute I turned around, got down on one knee and went to hand it to her. Well another bridesmaid caught on and it ended in a game of tug a war, which was extremely entertaining!  But my maid of honor won in the end and it made for great pictures. The dance line was also fun to see the young and old alike throwing out dance moves never seen before; mock lawn mower pushing, leap frog and the sprinkler were a few choice moves.

Our cakes were both amazing and I really only remember Cody's because of pictures. People are not kidding when they say how fast your night flies. I remember tons of thank you's' and dancing, but fine details have escaped my memory because everything happened so fast.

We left the next morning for our Honeymoon in Jamaica and had an even more perfect week being lazy in the sun drinking all the rum we could ask for.

Bride's Full Name: Courtney Leger Thomas 
Groom's Full Name: Cody Aaron Thomas
Wedding Date: July 24, 2010
Ceremony Site:  River Oaks
Photographer/Studio: Photography Shoppe in Baton Rouge
Bridal Gown Designer: Allure Bridals
Bridal Gown Retailer: A-Net's Enchanted Dream
Hair: Mandy Fargo; Soho Salon
Makeup: Heather Dees;Studio One 2 One
Groom's Attire:  Miller's Formal; The La Strada Tux
Bridesmaids Dresses Designer:  Bari Jay
Bridesmaids Dresses Retailer: Pearls Place in New Orleans
Flowers: Carole's Florist & Gifts; Calla Lilies
Reception Site: River Oaks
Cake: Crystal Weddings
Caterer:  River Oaks
Band and/or DJ: Smiley's DJ Service
Videographer: Kim Guillotte and Derek Chapman
Wedding Rentals: River Oaks